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GiANT Leadership Programme

Cultivate positive relationships and self-awareness with C2C Group's GiANT coaching programmes, helping your team understand themselves better, leading to a more productive and flourishing business.

At C2C Group, our certified GiANT consultants provide leadership programmes to develop positive relationships and self-awareness, essential for a productive workplace. Our programme equips individuals and businesses with the tools needed to lead yourself more effectively, pass on what you’ve learned to those around you and become more intentional in actions.

We offer tailored delivery options, including 1-2-1 coaching, workshops, altitude training, and an interactive digital platform for self-taught skills.

What we offer

Leadership Academy

If you’re a leader or an aspiring leader, our GiANT leadership academy is for you.
This intentional 6-month+ process is designed to help you be the best leader you can be in each
circle of influence in your life. This is achieved through:

Access to weekly training videos focused on learning and practical tools
A weekly 100 exercise focused on helping you improve your own influence and leadership
A weekly X challenge that helps you take what you have learnt and impact others immediately
One-hour core group sessions every other week aimed at deepening understanding and application

Transformational Team Communication

Our consultants transform team communication by delivering thought-provoking workshops to the public, workplaces and communities.
These workshops will help you develop:

Increased self-awareness and confidence as you discover your leadership voice
Deeper relational trust
Better collaboration
Honest conversational skills leading to fewer tensions and challenges
Richer, better decision-making
Increased team performance against your metrics

Discover your leadership voice with C2C Group! At CX Utilities, we recently participated in the 'Discover your leadership voice' workshop led by C2C Giant Coach Danielle Brookes. It helped us identify our voice type, understand others', and create better team communication. As a result, we are now more intentional in our approach and can deliver better customer service. Thanks to C2C Group for their expertise and support! Highly recommend their coaching services for anyone looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.

Paul Hardy, Founder of CX Utilities

Our GiANT consultants support you and your business in developing greater influence so you can have a positive impact on your business and those around you.

Case Study

Supporting a flourishing start-up

01. The Problem

C2C Group has flourished as a business, and a key part of this success is its people. To accept and deliver more client projects, we had to increase the number of our consultants and project managers. Each person had their own specialism and approach to delivery, but as a business we needed to consistently deliver for our clients while internally becoming a stronger team.

02. The Challenges

Most new teams go through stages of forming, norming and storming before becoming a high-performing team. We needed to fast-track to the high-performing stage. We believed that if we focused on understanding our individual voices, we could transform our team communication and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

03. The Results

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ is a mantra that truly exists within the C2C team. In 1-2-1s, team meetings, project reviews and client engagements, we have liberated ourselves by finding ways to bring the right level of support and challenge to the table. This approach makes us a more effective team, which helps drive our performance.

04. Our Solution

Our GiANT leadership coach helped us select the right mix of coaching tools for our growing team, including:

5 Voices workshops
Individual 5 Voices assessments
Altitude training
100X challenges
1-2-1 leadership coaching
The Peace Index tool

05. Testimonial

The GiANT programme has transformed our team communication and has united us. The 5 Voices programme
has helped us better understand our own voices and those of our teammates and clients. With simple tools, we have learned to bring effective challenges to ourselves and others, and it has given us a framework to ensure we support each other. 

Joanna Strahan - Director of C2C Group

Get clarity and build confidence in your team

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