We help organisations define their social values through evaluation, strategy and implementation, ensuring that they leave a lasting legacy and positive impact on the community in which they are operating in.

Our Expertise

C2C Group helps developers and contractors fulfil their section 106 agreement commitments for community engagement and create social value. We extend our knowledge, connections, and skills to make a positive impact on your community.

Our Community Outreach Coordinator works with the local community, identifying their challenges and offering support to make positive changes possible.

We collaborate with councils to guide individuals towards employment, to reach and help the hardest-to-reach members of the community, including young people and NEETs.

C2C Group’s Employer Outreach programme connects businesses and communities for social value and employment opportunities. Our Employment Coordinator ensures that supply chains meet deliverables, communication, and monitoring needs.

We identify upskilling needs and connect job seekers with businesses, including young offenders, people with disabilities, and local residents.

Outcomes include employment pathways for hard-to-reach and NEET individuals. Choose C2C Group for a positive impact on your community and to contribute to upskilling training and employment opportunities

C2C Group’s Pre-Employment Programme helps fulfil developers’ and contractors’ section 106 agreement requirements and achieve social value. Our five-week program provides training, career exploration, and job shadowing to inspire people, develop their skills, and gain experience.

Participants from the local community are recruited through the Community Outreach Programme, with the support of local councils and identified groups in need of employment.

The programme delivers outcomes such as employment support, upskilling training, and employment pathways for young people, NEETs, and local residents.

Supporting local and small businesses is a keyway to deliver social value and contribute to economic growth in the community. C2C Group provides support to SMEs and VCSEs, addressing common challenges faced by smaller businesses. Through workshops and gap analysis, they identify areas of improvement and potential risks.

This support contributes to upskilling training for the local workforce, delivering social value to the community, and creating economic growth. Choose C2C Group to support local SMEs and VCSEs and achieve social value.

C2C Group’s Work Experience programme offers work shadowing, short placements and internships to help people understand different job roles in the construction industry. The programmes include learning objectives, an observation log and skills training such as preparing for work life and learning how businesses operate.

C2C Group manages the process, coordinating with the community and supply chain to arrange, manage and monitor each person’s experience. Outcomes include providing employment opportunities, upskilling training and delivering support to unemployed and hard-to-reach individuals.

C2C Group invests in the next generation by funding life-saving First Aid workshops for young learners at Therfield First School!

At Therfield First School, C2C Group helped fund essential First Aid workshops for our young pupils, enabling us to teach life-saving skills to children as young as four years old. We're incredibly grateful for their investment in the next generation of learners and for supporting our local community. Without the support of companies like C2C Group, we wouldn't be able to enhance our curriculum and provide such valuable skills for our pupils.

Mrs McGovern – Therfield First School

We are proud to partner all sizes of business across multiple sectors, where our clients value our proactive and passionate approach to their involvement in the community.

At times it can seem unsure where to begin, however our analysis will help establish your current position and identify future possibilities based on what your requirements, obligations and ambition.

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