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Discover the power of SharePoint for information management with C2C Group's tailored SharePoint services, designed to streamline and improve your business operations.

At C2C Group, we provide customised SharePoint services to optimise your business operations. Our experts collaborate with you to develop a solution that meets the unique needs of your business, improving efficiency and streamlining processes.

With SharePoint, we eliminate inconsistent filing structures, reduce duplication, and clarify important company documents. Our consultants bring years of experience working with SharePoint and are adept at maximising its potential to benefit your business.

Our Process

There is a fix. SharePoint is a platform most businesses have full access via Microsoft365 licences, but few utilise it anywhere near its full capability. We know what it can do and how to develop it into something that works for your business, our process is simple but effective: 


Consult – Our customer first approach means we work with your teams to identify their needs


 Infrastructure – Design & build the new infrastructure that will house your business files and key information


Data Cleanse – We will sort, reorganise and migrate your data to the new SharePoint infrastructure


Train & Implement – Train your teams on the new look platform and support the transition

We understand how hard it can be to dedicate internal resource to projects like this, regardless of how important you know it is. C2C Group aim to move this 'To Do' project to a 'Complete' one.

Our experts are waiting to discuss your challenges and collaborate with your teams to deliver quality platform tailored to your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best and ultimately flourish as a business.

Case Study

Supporting a flourishing start-up

01. The Problem

Information management in any construction business is key for the success delivery of a project. As a growing business, Etopia has seen changes to the product and services they offer.

The leaders of the business wanted a filing structure where documents were easily retrievable, filed consistently, and where the team could work collaboratively in a share environment.

02. The Challenges

The team needed a solution for today, tomorrow, and the future direction and growth of the business.

Therefore we had to rethink about the documents we needed, which documents had been replaced by digital records and what information was managed by the design platforms.

03. The Results

Etopia now have a system that supports their need for a solution for today and is future-proofed to ensure their ongoing requirements are met. The project teams are now able to collaborate in a more effective manner and duplication of information has been eliminated. The project teams now have full confidence that the correct and up to date information is available to Etopia and their wider supply chain.

04. Our Solutions

We followed our 4 step process of consultation, infrastructure, data cleansing and training. This lead us to build a SharePoint system that worked for them, including a ‘Hub Site’ for everyone to navigate from. Pages for each department with useful information for all to see and a Site for just the members of said department to store their work in.

We also worked with the Etopia delivery team to redesign how they file project documentation, this included a simplified filing structure and consistent look and feel to all project sites. We also built in workflows for capturing new opportunities using Forms, List and Flow.

After identifying the data that needing cleansing with the Etopia team prior to the move from old to new, we executed this cleanse and move. The staff of Etopia were trained virtually and will have ‘how-to-videos’ as reference for the future.

05. Testimonial

Our business was dynamically changing and preparing for growth in the market combined with a program to secure key accreditations, our teams were inefficiently collaborating on projects holding data in different location and in formats. The team at C2C assessed our current position, used industry knowledge to identify nuances in departments and engaged with the business to select a purpose build SharePoint as the most effective program to create an information management system with one data source.

Russell Brooker - Managing Director, Etopia

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