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Carbon Reduction Planning

Assessing carbon emissions is essential to minimize environmental impact. C2C Group can painlessly assess emissions connected to your activities, helping you take action to achieve carbon reduction and NET ZERO CARBON.

The UK Government has set a target to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, and by achieving this your business can also gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. C2C Group offers efficient carbon emissions assessment services to help you take action to achieve carbon reduction and net zero carbon targets.

Our experts will work collaboratively with you to identify areas of improvement and help you develop strategies to minimise your environmental impact.

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Our Process

To become a Net Zero Carbon business you will need to create and implement a carbon reduction plan, which includes:


Establishing a baseline for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions


Analysing your biggest contributors to your carbon footprint


Assessing what can be done to eliminate, minimise or offset your carbon including:

  • quick wins can happen today,
  • improvement and investment opportunities for tomorrow
  • research the technologically possible for the future


Implement, monitor and manage

We can help remove the uncertainty around this process with our experience in assessing this area and our bespoke tools tailored to the carbon you are producing.
These tools present the required evidence in a simple, easy way. They format the data into the desired output to confirm that a carbon footprint has been carried out for your business, in line with the UK Government requirements to meet the 2050 net zero carbon target.

We received a request from one of our major clients that a carbon footprint analysis needed to be carried out for us to be eligible to apply for future tenders. We had no idea how to go about this but were eager to start our journey to becoming net zero carbon. C2C Group were helpful and prompt in identifying what data was required and the analysis needed to turn this into a carbon footprint.

Greg McClean, Managing Director  – Camtech Building Products

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