Our process services can be packaged, made bespoke, or delivered as part of a retained business solution to bridge your skills, resource, and service gaps amongst your business.

Our Expertise

Etopia UK worked with C2C Group to achieve our BOPAS, ISO45001, ISO14001, and ISO9001 certification goals. C2C Group went beyond certification support, providing a range of services that helped us develop our management systems, process maps, SharePoint structure, and auditing and HSEQ advice. They also designed and built a digital onsite system for traceable and robust quality assurance, which has revolutionised our sustainable MMC practices. Highly recommend C2C Group for any business seeking to achieve certification and drive positive change in the world of sustainable construction.

Russell Brooker – Etopia

Our experienced experts in their fields can help streamline your business, automating quality control making a positive impact to your business. When scaling your business you can be faced with many challenges that can seem daunting, however our team our able to provide clarity and give you the confidence to deliver what you do best.

Get clarity and build confidence in your team

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