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Achieve consistency and compliance with C2C Group's Auditing Services. Receive an independent review or audit of your systems to help you achieve ISO standards and improve your business operations.

At C2C Group, we understand that compliance is essential for business operations. That’s why we offer auditing services that help you achieve ISO standards, improve your management systems, and enhance the quality of your products and services.

By identifying areas for improvement and offering suggestions for continual improvement, our auditing services can help you ensure that your processes and procedures are effective, consistent, fit for purpose and achieving your goals.

Our Process

C2C Group will be there for you, for the entire process from start to finish, with support and information to get you through the Audit process.


 We will tailor an audit programme to your business, needed for your ISO certification


Manage the process of delivering internal audits


Reporting Non-conformances and opportunities for improvements


Monitoring your performance by review trends and improvements


Preparing your teams for external audits


   Support or leading external audits, understanding

Audits may include:

  • Leadership Audits
  • Management Systems
  • Project Delivery
  • Office/Facilities
  • Supply Chain Process
  • External audits (ISO, Achilles)


Case Study

Focusing on compliance

01. The Situation

Datalec Prevision Installations (DPI) offer high quality and cost-effective design, supply, installation and commissioning capabilities to the demanding data centre sector.

They wanted an independent specialist, to conduct a deep dive of their operations and to provide a peer review of their management system ahead of their ISO recertification audit.

02. The Challenges

Outgrown processes, and inconsistencies

Change management

Fear of the auditing process

Our methodical process ensures that all the data and evidence is captured and presented to management in a way that positively effects changes.

03. The Results

The results of our service speak for themselves. DPI retained their ISO certificate for the third year. We look forward to maintaining these certificates in 2023 as DPI’s trusted partners.

04. Our Solutions

We worked collaboratively with the DPI management team and project teams to:

Internally audit DPI's management systems

Collate and review evidence supplied

Give suggestions and advice on what actions were required

Liaise with the external ISO auditors

Help prepare documentation packs for the external ISO auditors

Facilitate the external ISO audit

Help close out any responses or queries

05. Testimonial

Over the last couple of years C2C has developed a deep understanding of our business. Navigating our team through the initial ISO applications and later through two annual surveillance audits, C2C added considerable value to the process.

Stephen Scott, CEO - Datalec Precision Installation

Get clarity and build confidence in your team

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